Work with me
Work with me

I design and deliver creative workshops, projects and installations. I work with people, businesses, hospitals, charities and schools that are curious about creativity, wellbeing and kindness.

If you would like to work with me, please email me at

Here are some ways we could work together:

don't give up - you are enough
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I have been dreaming up and delivering creative workshops for over a decade.

I believe that creativity is an innate part of being human.

My workshops harness that creativity to:

  • Generate confidence
  • Cultivate kindness
  • Support you to know, like, and trust yourself

Together we experiment, create, connect, play and contribute. I have a collection of tried and loved Creative Wellbeing Workshops ready to share with you. I often create workshops for specific events and can tailor them to the needs of your group or organisation. My workshops can be delivered as one-off events or as a series developing over weeks or months.


I make projects to celebrate hidden but powerful, everyday things.

Rediscovering things we often forget to see – things like connection, kindness, and courage I love collaborating, creating connections and building communities. Starting from a seed of an idea, I create meaningful installations through creative invitations and interactions. These installations become spaces to stop, notice and reset. I regularly collaborate with amazing artists, and creatives to make the very best projects Together anything is possible!   Some of the organisations I have created projects with include – Bath Mind, Kew Gardens, North Bristol NHS TrustCreativity Works, and Willis Newson.

The CABINET OF compassion is on TOUR!

Often the hardest person to show compassion and kindness to, is yourself. I created The Cabinet of Compassion to support and encourage self-compassion through creativity, collaboration and connection.

Packed full of creative tools to cultivate compassion and support kindness, The Cabinet of Compassion invites you to: 

  • Stop and breathe
  • Get creative 
  • Ask for what you need
  • Give yourself and others permission to practice self-compassion 
  • Share your hopes and dreams
  • Let go of your worries